Sponsored by the American Scandinavian Heritage Foundation
July 21, 22, 23, 2017
Gerry Rodeo Grounds, Gerry NY

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Scandinavian Food

Welcome to the World of Scandinavian food.
The Festival offers an array of Scandinavian foods.
It is a rare opportunity to sample such a variety of
traditional Scandinavian foods.
The dining area is a great place for family and friends to gather.

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Festival Scandinavian Food

A variety of Scandinavian foods are offered on this year's menu. Enjoy a platter or just pick one item. New this year is a "Take A Sample of Everything" offer.

Selections Include

  • Meat
    • Korv
    • Swedish Meatballs (Gravy optional)
  • Side Dishes
    • Yellow Pea Soup
    • Fruit Soup
    • Rotmos (Potato with Rutabaga)
    • Dilled Potatoes
    • Rice Pudding
    • Cucumber Salad
    • Pickled Herring
  • Optional with Each Serving
    • Swedish Limpa Rye Bread
    • Crisp Bread (Hard Tack)
    • Lingonberry Sylt
  • Drinks
    • Lingonberry Drink
    • Water

Just Meat - $4
Any Side - $3

For a platter pick one meat and three sides. $11
"A Sample of Everything Platter" $12

Serving Times
Friday July 21 4 PM to 7:30 PM
Saturday July 2212 Noon to 7:30 PM
Sunday July 2312 Noon to 3 PM

Norm's Korvburgers

The American Scandinavian Heritage Foundation and Norm's volunteers will preserve the korvburger tradition begun by Norm Owen. This year the Festival is dedicated to him. His recipes and preparation methods will be utilized. The korvburger has become a special food item known around the United States as well as Sweden. It is served on a limpa rye bun with the choice of lingonberries and mustard on top. Have you had one yet?

This year the korvburgers will be served out of the red building where the beef on wick is being served by St. Timothy's Lutheran Church.

Swedish Pancakes

Swedish pancakes

The Thule Lodge Swedish Folk Dance Team will be serving Swedish pancakes on Sunday from 10 AM until 12:30 PM. What a way to begin the day! Our thin pancakes are wrapped around lingonberry sylt imported from Sweden.

Option for our Youngest Guests

Source - Norskarv.com

Meanwhile in Norway - Cream of Lutefisk

Kaffe Stuga

It is always time for a Swedish Fika (Coffee Break.) Enjoy a cup of coffee and a Swedish treat while visiting with friends or resting while listening to the music or people watching.

Ice Cream sundaes with lingonberry topping are also available.

Kaffe Stuga

Mr. D's
Mr.D's is returning offering a variety of good ole' festival food, some of which are
curly fries, fried dough, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Franklin's Honey And Apples

Franklin's Honey photo 1

Franklin's Honey photo 1

This vendor from Forestville, NY will have a variety of goodies available, some of which are honey, kettle korn, cotton candy, hot caramel apple chips, fruit logs, roasted corn, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, and yo yo balloons.

St. Timothy Lutheran Church

St. Timothy Lutheran Church will be back again serving their usual beef on wick.

Varm korv has been added to the menu this year. In Sweden one can pick up a varm korv in almost any gas station and in many stores. In a Swedish tradition, try one with mashed potatoes on top (varm korv met mos). Korv in Swedish refers to any type of sausage including the American hot dog.

Festival Overview Performers Special Events Speakers / Exhibits Vendors Scandinavian Food
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