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Scandinavian Studies Program
       of Jamestown, New York

To broaden and strengthen our community's awareness and understanding
of it's Scandinavian heritage and culture by:
Acting as an umbrella for all Scandinavian clubs and groups for coordination
of events, sevices, and support.

  • A quarterly "Calendar of Scandinavian Happenings in the Greater Jamestown Area" keeps interested people informed of upcoming events sponsored by all Scandinavian organizations in the area.

Future Plans
With community support and adequate resources, The Scandinavian Studies Program
could do much more to strengthen understanding and awareness of our heritage.
Plans for the future include:

  • Maintaining opportunities such as the YMCA camp exchange program.
  • Coordinating with other Scandinavian organizations to sponsor community-wide events and contests, ie: Midsommarfest, Lucia, soccer games, an annual event celebrating the arrival of the first Scandinavians, etc.
  • Helping diplomatic, business, and political visitors make broader, mutually beneficial connections in the community.
  • Continuing and expanding the Sister City concept to Sister City relationships with communities in each of the Scandinavian countries.
  • Expanding the exchange program to include people in many roles, including apprentices and college teachers.
  • Developing a stronger educational program (traditions, songs, and language) for children and youth in the community.
  • Developing genealogy program resources and genealogy courses through the Scandinavian Culture Day activities.
  • Expanding the content of the newsletter / calendar to include articles on American / Scandinavian history, events, leaders, and other topics of interest.
  • Expanding the range and frequency of Scandinavian cultural events.
  • Long-range plans also include developing a Scandinavian Museum in Jamestown.

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