Scandinavian Studies Program
of Jamestown, New York

Swedish Christmas Market Day
Jamestown, NY - December 7, 2013

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Culture Day
Culture Day is sponsored by the Scandinavian Studies Program. This event is held monthly (first Saturday) in the Student Union/Cafeteria of Jamestown Community College’s Hamilton Collegiate Center, 525 Falconer Street, Jamestown, New York. The purpose of Culture Day is to celebrate Scandinavian traditions by passing them on from one generation to another. It is free and open to the public with no advance registration required. The monthly schedule is as follows:
  9:30amCoffee and Lingonberry Drink available
  9:45amCall to Order | Swedish word for the day/Announcements
10:00amWorkshop 1
10:45amCoffee break
11:00amWorkshop 2
(Culture Days will have Swedish movies on DVD for monthly rental. Available will be seven full length movies of Henning Mankell’s mystery series staring the detective Kurt Wallander. These movies are in Swedish with English sub-titles and have been adapted to the American DVD system.
Rentals will be $5 for the month.)

(Unless noted, the workshop topic will be offered at both 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM.)

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