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Family Culture Day
One of the ways The Scandinavian Studies Program preserves and perpetuates Scandinavian culture is through the monthly Scandinavian Culture Day held at Jamestown Community College. On the first Saturday of each month, October through May, children and their families have come to JCC to learn and share Scandinavian traditions. About 100 to 150 participate each month, and twenty volunteers lead sessions in Hardanger embroidery, woodcarving, Swedish language, knitting, folk dancing, storytelling, and singing. Participants also enjoy tasty snacks prepared by children and adults in the Scandinavian cooking class.

Foods prepared include almond tarts, fruktsoppa (fruit soup), smorgas (Danish open-faced sandwiches), pepparkakor, spritz, and platter (Swedish pancakes). Crafts students have made include paskris (feathers on birch branches at Easter time), julgrans prydnader (Christmas tree ornaments), Viking ships, and dalaha hast wall hangings.

Culture Days offer fun, interesting, free family activities that promote Scandinavian traditions in ways that involve the whole family. One example is the monthly Hardanger embroidery classes, which attract a regular group of students including three mother/daughter couples. We are also glad to provide an opportunity for Ragna Hjemdahl-Monson to pass along her rare Hardanger embroidery skills.

Culture Days also provide an opportunity for American students to share their experiences in Sweden with young listeners and for Swedish exchange students to share their soccer and volleyball skills as well as their experiences of contemporary Scandinavian life.

See the event calendar or our newsletter for announcements of these events.

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